Divine Vision Productions is a company committed to
creating original content for film and television. Whether
it is Sci-Fi, Animation, Anime, Comedy, Drama or
Biblical content we specialize in creating new and exciting
fiction and non-fiction stories.
Divine Story Creating and Telling...
About Us
Divine Vision Productions
Divine Vision Productions was inspired by Julius
Thompson through several life changing events. He is
Innovative, Investigative and Creative. With taking life to
entire new level he has discovered the love for creating,
adding to Universes, developing and writing stories. As a
Creative Content Consultant he possesses a wide
range of general skills when working with projects that
involve collaborating with large and small creative teams.
Divine Vision Production stories and ideas that come
from Biblical Content does not take away from the
reality of the written scriptures but does not shy away
from the violence, war, adultery, witchcraft, the
supernatural, spirituality, love, sex or any content that
most Bible followers would be considered inappropriate
for television or film. Thats what make these stories
more successful,  more exciting and entertaining. The
Grigori is just one example!